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Mechanical effects (also called practical or physical effects) are usually accomplished during the live-action shooting. This includes the use of mechanized props, scenery, scale models, animatronics, pyrotechnics and atmospheric effects: creating physical wind, rain, fog, snow, clouds, etc. Making a car appear to drive by itself and blowing up a building are examples of mechanical effects. Mechanical effects are often incorporated into set design and makeup. For example, a set may be built with break-away doors or walls to enhance a fight scene, or prosthetic makeup can be used to make an actor look like a non-human creature.
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Glynn retired from television and stagecraft on September 1, 2016. He is happy to return to what he loves most. Teaching, mentoring and speaking with students. Glynn has vast experience to share. A real insiders point of view. He has amazing video, pictures and stories about the entertainment business. His knowledge and humor about being backstage and off-camera is a must for young theater and television production students who aspire professional careers. 
  • "Glynn brings his decades of experience to an entertaining, informative and inspiring presentation suitable for technical and non-technical audiences alike."

    John Huntington, Professor of Entertainment Technology, NYC College of Technology/CityTech

  • "Dave and the writers wanted Dave's desk to vibrate. Glynn made it wiggle and shake all over the pace. It really broke up the audience. Glynn's creation was a masterpiece of comedy special effects."

    Gary Kiffel, Late Show Sound Effects Engineer

Book Glynn Borders Special FX Seminar for your school or university. Local, state and national travel available.

The Glynn Borders Special FX Seminar is approximately one hour long including a questions and answers period.
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